Extremely Bad Driving Habits That Can Ruin Your Vehicle

You may not know it but aside from putting you in very high chances of accident, your bad driving habits can also ruin your car in the worst way possible? Experts like Towing Warren MI attests that having bad habits as a driver will do you no good.

These driving habits can be changed but the accidents that you could experience while doing so will not be reversed and cost you so much money and life; not just your life but your loved ones life as well. You only get to live once, make sure you make the most out of it by not exchanging it the rush of feeling you get while driving down any lane.

Your bad driving habits can also take a toll on your vehicle and damage it severely. Do you want to know more? Keep on reading and change your ways.

Over loading

You purchased your car for a reason, to help you travel from one place to another and to carry your load. A car has a storage unit at the back portion but it is not meant to be overloaded. When you purchase your car, you will be told the maximum weight limit that it can carry and you should follow that weight limit. You should not go over that weight limit as it will damage your car. This is very important to remind you every single time you go on a long trip with friends or family members.

The bigger the weight that your car is carrying, the bigger the stress it will also put on its other parts such as your tires, brakes and even on the suspension.

Economically speaking, a heavy car requires more fuel which means that will cost you more. Limit the luggage that you are bringing and remind your friends to pack light during long trips because putting too much load on your car will take a toll on it.

So, it is more economical to travel lighter, plus, you will learn a lot in packing light so start this very useful habit of packing light especially if you are going to put your things on your car.


When you constantly drag your brakes especially if you are going down on a slope will tear your breaks, specifically your brake pads and/or discs. This is very dangerous especially if it breaks during a very high slope and it can lead to a dangerous situation.

Make sure that you do not drag your brakes. Take care of them as much as you take care of the interior and exterior look of your car. If you do not, you will be constantly changing them they could break any minute if you continue doing this bad habit of dragging the brakes. Only use when it is needed and if you do not increase the speed so high, there will be no need for you to always step on your brakes. It is better if you keep your speed regulated at a certain level. Do not go beyond speed limits, take your time and do not rush into something because it is not safe.


If you have enrolled in a driving school, if you can remember, most if not all instructors or driving teachers will also tell you to keep both of your hands on the steering wheel. If you have noticed while you are driving, you put one hand on the steering wheel and another one on your gearstick.

This is not a very good thing to do with your vehicle because it will ruin the transmission of your car. The signs of wear and tear to your gearstick will be obvious because it will be harder for you to shift from one gear to another which can cause you very deadly accidents on the road.

Avoid these habits because it will ruin you and your vehicle.