5 Common Mistakes in House Cleaning and How to Fix Them

Now is the best time to reconsider the way you clean your house and actually apply the best house cleaning tips and advice from the cleaning experts. Below are some of the most typical mistakes that people make as they clean their homes, which should be fixed to effectively clean your home. 

Forgetting that less means more

Most of us commonly believe that applying more cleaning agents would do a greater job. However, this is not the case in cleaning. In fact, adding more detergent or cleaner can actually do more harm than good. When a cleaning product excess isn’t completely rinsed away, the residue will only turn out to be a dirt magnet, which can cause the soil to get trapped much longer. Because of that, you have to always use the suggested amount and the right directions listed on the product as given by the product’s manufacturer. 

Scrubbing carpet stains aggressively

If you scrub a stain on your carpet aggressively, it will only get more embedded deeper into the fibers of your carpet. Because of this, it will be more challenging to eliminate. Rather, make sure to blot the spot carefully using a cloth and a bit of mild stain removal product. Though this procedure may take longer, it’s a lot more effective at eliminating stains and ensuring that they won’t come back. 

Neglecting to clean window screens

One of the typical misconceptions that rain can cause windows to get dirty. Though that is not the case always. The rain that passes through a grimy screen will carry debris and dirt that can result in such splotches after the rain stops. It’s essential to rinse and brush the window screens every time you clean your windows. This is one way to guarantee that they will stay longer and cleaner. If you need help from the experts, then ask for a professional window cleaning in Beaverton today.

Concentrating ready to use cleaners to save some bucks

If you do this, you’re also diluting the product’s effectiveness and you’ll require more time and effort to cleaning, which makes it more costly in due time. Rather, it’s best to purchase commercial concentrated products that have measured dispenser. 

Cleaning in the wrong order

A lot of homeowners are aware of the hack of cleaning every room from top to bottom. However, when dealing with a whole-room cleaning, there are actually other aspects that you also have to keep in mind. For instance, a lot of people will clean from top to bottom—cleaning the counters and cabinets first, and the floors last. But they end up deciding to spray room deodorizer/freshener as a way to leave the room feeling fresh and end the job without knowing that such room sprays can leave greasy or sticky films on counters and floors. Hence, it’s best to use them towards the mid part of the cleaning procedure before you have mopped and wiped.